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Welcome to Jika Side Microcredit

We can help you to grow your business

Welcome to Jika Side Microcredit

You can earn up to 4.5% ROI monthly

Investor Risk Evaluation

Looking for a reliable company where you can invest your money into profitable businesses. Jika Side Microcredit has the most perfect protection on our investors. Our risk analysis has zero % to exposure, because we have the technical know-how on business continuity.


Come and meet professionals in the field of investment on Most Reliable companies to invest and make profits on your investment at the shortest time. We accept investment from prospective customers at negotiable rate that is far better to the one any commercial bank can offer in Nigeria.

What we do

Jika Side Microcredit is an arm/unit of a multipurpose cooperative society, that is registered and open to members and general public that has potential of establishing their own businesses. We as an entity has a location, where we can be accessed with ease and proper attention awaits you.

Default on Obligation

This is the case of default in meeting the legal obligations (or conditions) of a loan. We have zero tolerance to default on obligation either from us to our investors or to us from our clients.

Our Services


Investment opportunity

Fund/Capital is welcome from non-members that may want to invest in the microcredit with negotiable percentage on capital/investment return.


Payment Guarantee (PG)

We offer advance payment guarantee to contractors. Though, there is limit to the guarantee offer depending on the outcome of the deliberation from the Board of trustee and Executive Board.



We offer loans on different levels, depending on the need of the applicant. There is loan for an individual, Business and Hire Purchase.